Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Better Weather

The heat wave finally broke in south Texas. We went to dinner this week at a friend's house and we comfortably sat outside. They live in what we call a patio home. Residents share common grounds, which includes this pretty little lake.


  1. Texans really got a bad season of hot weather! How great that you can live in a mountain cabin for part of the year. Saw your comment re. the "stew" on Genie's Paris blog and had to laugh, as a former (not old---Ha!) stew myself. Miss the Parisian flowers and wish we had more shops like that here.

  2. Hi Kate... I don't have very many followers for my pitiful little blog...and even fewer that leave comments.So I really got excited seeing you there today....thanks!
    By the way my youngest graduated from UW Madison and lives in Chicago even though she is a fifth generation Texan!