Thursday, January 19, 2017


I mentioned in a previous post that the vine that trails on the brick wall on our patio is sick. I asked the landscapers to replace it, but they ask for a chance to heal it. It made me think of our throw away society. Some are so quick to toss things out instead of repairing them....and I guess I was about to be guilty of that.
It also made me think of my mood. I am feeling a bit wilted about the change of Presidents tomorrow. I have a couple of friends who are delighted about it ...and I just for the life of me I cant see why? I do cherish their friendships and hope that this will not devide us like I see happening in this country like never before.
Don't worry I am not going to go put plastic on my head. I am going to try to be the best me I can be and hope for the best...Janey

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Football and Pizza Rolls

This weekend in North Texas it was all about football
You see, we are in the playoff season and our own Dallas Cowboys were up against the Green Bay Packers (Wisconsin).
Daughter number 3 (we have 5),Kristen and her husband Ken were lucky enough to have tickets to the game, and  on field passes after the game.
We also had another family member present, son in law Joe (far right),shown here with his brother Chip. He was obviously for the opposing team, Green Bay. Kind of natural since he hails from Wisconsin. I am not sure who the two guys in the middle are. Just a good example of the extent of craziness some fans go to!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are watching the game on T.V with these sweet grandchildren. Ten year old Taylor and eleven year old Brooks.
 So, I decided to do a kid friendly lunch that would also be a craft.
(I have tried three times to make this photo go horizontal....with no luck)? 
Anyway, you take Pillsbury Pizza Dough, which comes in a refrigerator roll. Spread it out and cut into sections. Apply pepperoni slices and a cheese stick
Roll the dough around like above, and bake @425 for 10-12 mins 
Note to self. Cut the dough in only eight pieces next time, so it is easier to wrap around.
The finished product
Be sure to give everyone their own bowl of Marinara or Pizza Sauce for dipping..
Yes they were a hit.

Oh, by the way, it was a very close game but Green Bay came out the victor 34 to 31.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Parking Garage

I had an appointment this week that required that I park in a parking garage. I am not a fan of this method of parking your car, but living in the city I find more and more it is my only choice.. This one (at my doctor's office), is not really that intimidating, except that is is generally pretty full. 
On this particular day I had to circle all the way to the third level to find a spot. I was hoping to find one before level 4 which is the open roof top, and it was raining. I did find a space on level three, and the nice thing about the garage, in inclement weather, is that you can take the elevator to an underground pedestrian tunnel linking you to  the building across the street where the doctor's offices are located.
To help remind you what level you left your car on, they have murals depicting scenes from our town of Fort Worth, Texas.Level 3 shows the twice daily longhorn cattle drive down Exchange Street in our famous Stockyards.
For Other Murals Around the world click: HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Good Morning

Good Morning!
The day breaking over Fort Worth, Texas
I spied the red sky from my kitchen sink just now and went outdoors to see the pretty sunrise. It is warm here today. It is going to be nearly 80 degrees, which is certainly not January weather. I hope your New Year is starting off well. Ours, not so much. Hubby forgot to close our garage door last week, and his golf clubs were stolen, and he took his car in yesterday to find out the air conditioner will need replacing. Air conditioning in Texas is not an accessory. It is a necessity. I will return when I have happier news :)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Time To Rodeo

No matter that Fort Worth is a very sophisticated cosmopolitan city with an amazing cultural district, this is the time of year we all become cowpokes!
That's right folks it's time to Rodeo!
I know some of you are not fans of rodeos, and I fall into that category...but this rodeo is so much more, and one of my favorite events is the High School Art contest ,

and like last year, I will show you the winners (yes, I said High School)
This is the Grand Champion (above)

Reserve Grand Champion

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

I am always amazed by the talent. Do you have a favorite? I kind of like the chicken.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Hard Freeze

In Late December we had a hard freeze in North Texas....down to 12 degrees (-11 C).
Despite the freeze, I was still shocked to see the state of our Pyracantha vine on our brick wall in the courtyard. It looked very stressed.
Have a closer look, and you can see that the beautiful berries are dead. My first thought was that it died because of the freeze....but not so.
Just a few feet away the same vine, in the front yard, is still healthy and colorful.
We immediately called our landscaping crew. They said the one that is dead, got stressed during the summer and never really recovered. So, we asked for new plants, even though it has taken over two years to almost fill out the wall. Instead, they have talked us into letting them strip the leaves and berries off, and put it behind plastic to see if it will come back in Spring. It is going to look ugly out there...but I am hoping it works! 
I will give you an update..

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Orange Box

Happy New Year!
I guess all of you are doing what you usually do in January. Getting organized and making promises to yourself...called resolutions. I stopped doing  that (the resolution part), some time ago since I came to the realization that they were more than likely promises I would have trouble keeping. At this time of year I do try to bring some sort of order to my life, meaning I usually go through my orange box and search out cards that need updating.
Yep, that is it. The little recipe looking box that although it is white, will forever be Mom's Orange Box. It's predecessor was actually orange (circa 1970), but the lid of that box snapped off years ago. I know everyone else puts their addresses in their computer....and if you are under probably have that list on your phone.Why not an address book like everyone else you ask ?
 Well, I like this system where I can simply give you a new card if necessary. Although, I did go to a big box store recently and ask a "young" clerk where the index cards were? Honestly, she had no idea what I was talking about. Things are changing so fast....sometimes it scares me...

Tell me what your January rituals are.