Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mountain Drive

Anytime I want to get out of the cabin, it is nice to drive up the mountain to Deer Lakes.
It is always cooler up there, since it is above 10,000 ft.
 and I usually can find some flowers to photograph.
It is a great place to fish too. I like that you can get a one day fishing license ...which is great for your guests who have no need for a one year pass.
 This aerial view will give you an idea why Lakes is plural. There are four small lakes. Each one is a slightly lower elevation from the one at the top. The top one being the one on the left. We always fish in either two or three, but enjoy hiking up to one.
 There are a lot of other things to see in the area, like this abandoned cabin.
It is also the number one place to spot a moose. The two we spotted this day were in the distance, and half hidden by brush.
Do you have a favorite drive of destination when you want to get out of the house?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

X Marks the Spot

It is very quiet here in the mountains. One thing you don't hear is aircraft noise,
mainly because we don't have an airport.
You do see planes flying over...mind you I said see , not hear. They are usually so high you can't actually spot them, but the jet stream behind them. We always try to guess where they are headed..
There is one noisy aircraft I hear going over(once a day), and it is a smaller plane headed from Denver to Durango.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Found Him

A few days ago I posted  some animal pictures (go:here). that were taken recently by a friend. Well, I went searching yesterday morning,early, for that eagle at the lake. There is a road that circles our lake. It is a paved state highway on one side, and a dirt road on the other. I had seen him (the eagle), in years past on the dirt road side, searching the shallows of the lake for breakfast. A friend told me that there is actually a family of three eagles that live on the highway side of the lake. Sure enough, I spotted one in a dead tree as we drove past.
Problem is, there is no shoulder and the tree was on a curve on the road.
So in order to get this shot, Tom had to drive very slow, while I hung our the window with my point and shoot and zoomed.
 Isn't it crazy what we will do to get a picture?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Bluff

Last night we were invited to dine with friends who are down on the river.
click on photo to enlarge

This is the view from the deck where we had a glass of wine before dinner.
The house sits on a bluff. The river comes directly at them, and then curves around the bluff. I think it is one of the prettiest spots in town 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun at the Movies

I have blogged before about our little movie theater here in Lake City
I know it doesn't look like much, but they do show first run movies.
Phil and his wife have been operating this place for over 40 yrs. now.
This is such a small town that I am not sure they make much of a profit, but
they are the type of folks that would just do this for the community that they love.
The interior is a warm and cozy place with paintings of old time movie stars on the walls. It is also a place where you know most the audience. It takes me back to when I was a teenager and went to the movie, in my small town, on Saturday afternoons and saw most of my classmates.
First run movies are shown Friday and Saturday nights and a matinee on Sunday. Tuesday's are vintage western night and Wednesday a classic movie is shown. We went Weds. night this weekend and saw the 1985 hit Back To The Future.
The owner Phil always comes out to award a door prize. This night he was dressed as the wild eyed Dr. Brown from the movie. I had not seen this movie since 1985 and I think it was even better this time, or maybe it was the environment in which I saw it.
If you are ever in Lake City...don't miss going to the movies!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Can't See Me

I run across a lot of rabbits around here on my morning walk.
Their first defense, when they see me, is to freeze in their tracks. I guess they are hoping they will blend in with their surroundings and not be see. Then of course, they quickly hop away.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Still Here

Every once in awhile I just get too busy around here to find computer time. Sorry. I really haven't taken many pictures lately, so I will share some that a visiting friend took.
A bull moose taking it easy along Cebolla Creek.
A Bald Eagle looking for breakfast at the south end of our lake,
and a marmot, posing oh so nicely.
Among all of the other things I have been up to, I (on the left),have been playing golf with the ladies golf much fun...That is my dear friend Linda.

Tonight is Weds. and our little movie theater plays classic movies on Weds. Back To The Future is playing. Doesn't that sound like fun!? I think we may go. Back to making a grocery list...we have guests arriving...and cleaning this place. I will return! Janey