Saturday, December 16, 2017


I decided to at least put a more festive picture on here even though I have been too busy to get out and take  pictures.
Tom and I sat by the fireplace last night watching an episode of the second season of The Crown   and drinking sipping chocolate that we purchased at Trader Joe's. We are loving the cooler weather and especially the forecast that predicts snow flurries on Christmas Eve.I hope that your days are merry and bright......Happy Holidays...Janey

Monday, December 11, 2017

Cabin Fever

We have been experiencing a cold spell here in Texas and it has kept us indoors. Over coffee yesterday mine and my husband's conversation went like this: Tom: Wouldn't you like to go back to Hawaii? Me: Yes, someday. Tom a few minutes later: Let's go play golf in North Carolina after Christmas. Me: Tom it is cold in North Carolina in January. Tom: How about Florida? Yep, he's got cabin fever.
So, I suggested we go out north of town to a nature park and take a walk. Yes, it was cold and Tom has on shorts... but that is another whole story.
The park runs along one side of the west fork of the Trinity River.
I of course was concerned about this trail marker. I figured it was warning us that there were rats ahead. Tom explained that it was only indicating that we were on deer mouse trail.

This first part of the two mile hike, you could see the river through the trees.

There is not a lot of color in the woods this time of year, so the green cactus caught my eye
as did the pretty green moss on rocks and trees here and there
but  mostly there was just tall dead grasses on the trail,
and I am not sure what this plant use to be?
Occasionally, I did spot some colorful leaves...mostly on the ground.
At the end of our walk we toured the Nature Center Museum.This room was definitely a place children would be fascinated by. You could pick up and examine all sorts of things that you might encounter on a walk through the woods,
and this was fun. ...Yes we stuck our hands in. A bone was inside.
There were also furs to touch
and tracks to identify. Well, you get the idea....we got out of the house, got some exercise and learned a few things.
Tell me about your cure for cabin fever?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Keeping Up

We stop at the Gold Arches or Mickey D's, as we sometimes call it a lot, especially when on a road trip. Not so much for the good food  (sic) but to use the facilities and get a cup of coffee. Caffeine helps keep my husband awake and besides they have actually improved their coffee and have a senior discount to boot. I think some places it is as low as 49cents a cup.
Recently I spotted a couple of parking spaces marked with a sign I have not seen before.
 Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a parking space reserved for folks who had pre- ordered on their phone...and that is exactly what it is. You download their app. order by phone and text them when you pull up, and they will bring your order to the car. Did you know about this? It is an ever changing world my friends....Will we use it. NO. We stop to break up a trip and getting out and going inside to pick up our order us a chance to stretch our legs..although I feel sure it would be useful for someone?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It is Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Hi everyone. I guess you are probably as busy as I am? Can't tell you how happy I am that we finally had a cold front come in. Some of you may have had some snow by now... Gosh that would really make me happy. Although, Grace down in Perth must be headed into summer.
We have our tree decorated and  a new container of sipping chocolate from Trader Joe's . I am looking forward to another episode of Poldark ( a Netflix series) in front of the fireplace tonight.Now if it would only get dark so I could put on my pj's

I have been baking again, so why am I showing you a child skirt hanger? Well, I may have told you this trick before....but here goes. You see, so many of the recipes I use I print off of the Internet.
I use the hanger to clip the recipe and hang it on the cabinet knob in front of me.
Actually I prefer to cook out on my kitchen island, so I clip it around the knob on my cake pedestal. This method works great. It keeps the sheet of paper out of the mess...I am a messy cook, and it puts the recipe at eye level.
In case you were wondering what I was was cranberry nut bread. We were invited to a dinner party and I decided to take the three other couples something home baked as a Christmas gift.

If you are interested in the recipe it is:HERE

Sunday, December 3, 2017


My husband and I have started a new tradition since we have moved to town.
We sign up every year to be docents for a holiday home tour in a stately old neighborhood.. It makes for a festive start to the Christmas Season.
It is always nice to see what folks have done to these magnificent old homes.
Most have large rooms had lots of windows....since they were built before air conditioning (1919) and were dependent on the airflow from outside. Sorry about the quality of the usual I was not supposed to be taking them. Shhh!
Just off the above master bedroom was an area that was probably intended to be an office, but the new owners made it into a nursery for an expected arrival.

I liked the way some had only freshened up the rooms, but left the vintage character

Kitchens were smaller back then, and this homeowner added a clever addition to theirs.
and last but not least...I loved this sweet guestroom.
Do you enjoy attending home tours?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Control Center

Just off the hallway in our new (downsized home) my husband and I have a U-shaped office....that we share.One side is his
and the other is mine. Most people that know me would say that I am very organized....well this is where I am not. I do have enough storage space that I can scoop all of this "stuff" up and hide it in a moments notice...but this is it's usual look. If anything is important..or needs doing. It lands my control center.
Do you have a place that you can call yours?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Fall has finally arrived here in North Texas
I noticed my neighbors little tree when I opened the shutters this morning. I also noticed that their grass is a bit greener. Hmm
I spotted this one when I was driving home from the grocery store. Maybe if I had slowed down it wouldn't have been so blurry?
We don't have a yard since we down sized, but we do have a side courtyard, where planted a Crepe Myrtle against the fence. It has really grown since we moved in, and it too is showing some color.
Does it look like Fall where you are? Or are the leaves already gone?