Thursday, January 9, 2020

Our First Flight and The French Open?

Fort Worth is celebrating an aviation feat this week. It's the 104th anniversary of the first aircraft to fly in Ft. Worth way  back in 1911. Yes, the Wright brothers had achieved flight  in 1903, but by 1911 most people across the country had not seen one of these flying machines.. Seventeen thousand people were on hand to watch this amazing event, which happened to be just up the street from me. Okay how does that tie into the French Open?

Well one of the pilots of the Moisant Flying Team,  and the one at the controls for that first flight was Roland Garros.

 That is Garros in the center standing in front of that plane, a Bleriot XI. in Fort Worth. Garros went on to become a celebrated fighter pilot for his country of France in World War I, and the event we all know as The French Open is played at the Tennis Complex named for Garros. Actually the French don't call it The French Open, but the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament.
This likeness of the plane stands in the exact location of this exciting event.

 From this angle, you can see the skyline of downtown Ft. Worth.
There is a history plaque at the sight, but I'll bet most folks in town have not stopped to read it. Funny, when folks think of Ft. Worth,  they think of Cowtown, but aviation fever caught on here and one in five in this town are employed in the aviation industry. 

If you would like to read more about Roland Garros go:HERE

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Volunteers

 Tom and I try our best to stay busy since we have retired. So when a volunteering opportunity came our way recently, we signed up. For the second year in a row, the College Gridiron Showcase has been held here in Ft. Worth. This is where recently graduated football players from across the nation get their chance to be interviewed and scrimmage in front of the National Football League scouts (professional football). Over 200 players were to arrive in Ft. Worth, many by plane. Our airport, which  we share with Dallas is over twenty miles to the east so we were delighted when we finally got train service connecting the two.
Tom and I,  unlike most folks have already ridden it several times,
so meeting  the players at the airport and directing the to the train seemed the perfect job for us. It was a fun day...although standing on my feet for five hours straight and all of the walking here and there  I have to admit was a bit tiring. It really didn't seem that long though because we were so delighted to meet so many friendly and polite young men.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Big Sister

As some of you know, we had another granddaughter arrive five days after Christmas, which is why we have been in Austin for so long.

The nursery was all ready for little Margaret Lynn, who they will call Maggie, even though she arrived two weeks early.

 Hannah had even graduated from Big Sister school, where she learned everything she will need to know in helping care for her new little Sis..
So what do we do with big sis while Mom and Maggie are in the hospital all week? Mom thought of everything and enrolled Hannah in a riding school that is on a beautiful multi acre ranch right in the city.
There was even a graduation day for that .. We watched Hannah go through the paces with her horse Poco..not missing a single step..
Mom and Maggie have finally arrived home after a few minor complications that kept them all week, and we have returned to Ft. Worth where wehope things will settle down to a regular slow pace around here.
Medical update: I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor this week and will probably start physical therapy on my still ailing right arm...although I am amazed at how good I have gotten using my left arm. :) I have missed blogging and hope to get caught up with what all of you have been up to.

Friday, January 3, 2020

It’s A New Year,

It is a new year and I am aware I have been neglecting my blog. My daughter whose baby was due in January had the baby early...five days after Christmas, so we have been here helping out. I hope to be home soon and back on a regular schedule.My wish for all of you is to have a:

Thursday, December 26, 2019

As we sail into the new year

Just wanted to say hello and apologize  for my absence. I am recovering after my fall and have also been out of town for the Christmas holidays. Tom and I were in Austin with our youngest daughter and family. I haven’t been taking very many pictures. Although...

This is a colorful image on some notecards my little granddaughter Hannah designed for me. A sailboat bobbing along with whales and sharks below and sea gulls above (complete with legs and feet). Hannah is seven years old and so enjoys painting. 
I am hoping all of you had very happy and festive holiday !

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Lights of Christmas

Hello friends. I am back from North Carolina, although I will not show you a picture of myself. It appears I have been in a fight....with the bandage on my face and all of the bruising. Heck my neighbors probably think I have really had a face lift HA! That is not going to happen. Tom and I did ride around town a bit tonight...yes on the way to the ice cream parlor.  tried to take some pictures along the way of the Christmas lights...They are not very good.....but here goes.
This pretty old house had lights up the drive and their trees wrapped in white lights.Tree wrapping is very popular here. There are services that do it for you for a tidy sum.
This one had a mixture of trees wrapped in white and green.
These large Live Oak tress were amazing with red trunks and red and green balls hanging from the limbs,
and this house had so many red lights that there was a red glow over the whole block.
The gates to this estate are always very welcoming, although I feel sure they are locked.
This house had rather simple decorations...but be nice, that's my door!

Friday, December 13, 2019


I have been in North Carolina visiting my daughter. Had a wonderful time until I had a run in with her stairs and ended up at the hospital. No broken bones and the stitches will be taken out on Tuesday.

I will return...Janey