Friday, December 9, 2011


I know, I am even boring myself. I really started this blog to show everyone how beautiful the little mtn town we live in in the summer is. I didn't actually look past that to.. coming home to my normal "pig trail". But, here I am and it's the holiday I will show you Christmas lights!

I am leaving this week for New York City. My two grown daughters gave me this Mother/Daughter "Dec in New York" trip for my 65th birthday. There I said age...make a copy because I will not be talking about that again! Therefore, maybe I can show you some beautiful Holiday Windows. I will be posting when I get back though. Don't want to drag along my laptop. I use to travel the world alone....was even a Stewardess back in the 60's. But, I have become sooo dependent on my husband that the thought of meeting my girls in NY.(traveling by myself and getting myself from the airport into Manhattan)..makes me a bit nervous.So wish me luck!

Okay one more Christmas picture. This is the way the Champions Golf Club is decorated in the main room!.....Janey

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  1. Congrats with the milestone age. Nice you got a trip to NY. I know the feeling you have to go on your own. You get so used to do things together, that you become a bit lazy. I walk blind after my husband, because he is always the one who knows his way and I lean on him.
    Whish you good luck and I think you will be allright, the old spirit will come back.