Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ya Need A Theme

 Decorations by Polly
If you want a theme for a party in late February...that is between Valentines and Easter, then Madi Gras is your theme. That is the one my Sister Polly chose for a brunch for  her sisters. There are five of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex....and it is nice for just the sisters to get together every now and then.
Polly is not only a wonderful cook, but enjoys setting an elegant (and festive) table
We dined on an egg  casserole  layered sweet potatoes, onions, and Brussel sprouts
A fruit salad made up of fresh strawberries/black berries/blue berries and grapes
Almond croissants
and Mimosas
We also played a fun dice game
Left Center Right
A friend from Tennessee told me about this game at Christmas..and how much fun it was....and she was right. I by the way won :)
Polly is also a talented photographer, so she took a five sister shot. Not easy to get five people to the picture I am afraid is not as pretty as the table decorations
Thank you Polly for a fun filled morning!


  1. That is a great theme for a party. The decorations look terrific.

  2. Good ideas! Mardi Gras as a concept doesn't quite transfer up here. It's more or less Pancake Tuesday.

  3. That does sound like fun! Are you going to post the sister photo? I know you had a BALL! Hugs, Diane

  4. Only to sit at such a beautiful table is a joy to look at. Great to have your sisters so close by now.