Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Sweet Spot

We only have one bakery in town....and it is open May through October
It is hard to miss, as it is one of the first businesses you spot coming into town from the north.
There are usually people lined up out the door. No room for tables inside, so you have to sit on the deck on the south side; hard to get a table there too. I suggested that he add a deck on the north side as well, and he said he would love to, but that land wasn't his.
This place is not only popular with the local people, but also with our bear population. Evidence of yet another attempted break in! 
I hope you have a sweet Wednesday!


  1. Still haven't tried it. Next time.

  2. oh, my! the bear break-ins would be dreadful!

  3. After seeing some real live bear action recently in South Dakota I know how wild that can be! It's a charming little place, and too bad he can't buy up a bit more land. But then may smaller and quaint is the better way to remain!

  4. I would love to have a bakery like this nearby, minus bear of course :)

  5. It looks like a pretty small shop so I wonder where the baking is done?

    1. is done in that small building. Barely room to get in the door. Steve and Stacy have another bakery on the slope at Crested Butte in the winter.

  6. Bears obviously enjoy the baking as much as you.

  7. Hi Janey! even whilst on holiday a girl can grab some internet time to visit her favourite blogs! But gosh (shame on me) I didn't realise I had several of your posts to catch up on - All with wonderful images and great reading! I just love your part of the world........:)

  8. A very sweet place to have something tasty, mmmm.