Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Cookie Caper

A friend called this week to say she had a guest in town and would I go to a nearby museum with them? I have been to this museum so many times, that I have almost memorized the permanent collection, but I am always pleased to be included in a day out and of course I said yes.
Betty and her friend seemed to be really enjoying themselves, and I was able to tell them about the works of art without  them having to even read the plaques.
We also enjoyed a very nice lunch at the museum. On the way to take me home, we passed a little bakery where they make cookie bouquets. The idea is that instead of sending someone flowers, you send them an arrangement of fresh baked cookies.
Betty's friend Helen was eager to stop and have a look inside. They had several sample bouquets made up for all types of occasions.
I especially liked the one for a baby shower.
The shop was quite busy as we are nearing Valentines Day.
As you can see in this display lit by the glare of the sun. Hearts were bursting out all over!

But, these gals were really interested and wanted to know if we could stroll back into the kitchen. I was very surprised when you owner said yes! That is Sue who does all of the baking.
She has several mixers including this huge one,
and more than just a few cookie cutters!
The secret to delicious cookies and scrumptious icing is course the heavy use of butter!
The real magic however is preformed by Raul, who was hard at work doing all of the decorating.
It was a very nice day but I must say I may have enjoyed the cookie caper over the museum!
I hope you have a Sweet Valentines Day!

Next may very likely find my toes in the sand!


  1. I especially like the idea of a cookie caper and how lovely that they are made on the premises by people that so obviously care.

  2. What a nice excursion that was. Have never seen those cookies bouquets here.

  3. I like your description Janey.. the 'cookie caper' 😀😀 What a lovely idea, a bouquet of yummy cookies.. although the part of me that loves flowers so much is loudly protesting 😉

  4. Dearest Janey,
    You enjoyed the cookie caper above the museum because you have been there so many times... But for your friend and her guest, it was a treat for having a knowledgeable person with them.
    That first painting looks like a Dutch painting somehow...