Tuesday, June 23, 2020


We are finally packing for our move to the mountains. Seems strange not to already be there, but we have been delayed due to my physical therapy appointments. Most of you know that I had total shoulder replacement in late April.....It has been a breeze...up until now. The physical therapy has been kicked up a notch which translates to painful.

To give you a visual 

The painful area for me is my arm. They promise the pain will go away in another month or so.....so  I am charging ahead. Physical therapy will continue in Colorado.

To those that don’t know, we are fortunate enough to be able to leave the Texas heat behind and spend the summer high in the San Juan mountains of Colorado in an idyllic tiny town with a huge lake, beautiful river and 14,000 foot peaks all around. Oh and full of a whole slew of good friends.
little Lake City, CO
Photo credit...my sister Polly.

Looking back over some recent pictures, I don’t think I shared with you all of our attempts at replicating masterpieces. 

Leave it to my creative sister Polly to outdo me with her rendition of Frida..

Only fair to show you what Polly really looks like.
Looking forward to posting more when we arrive Colorado....not to mention catch up with my fellow bloggers!


  1. It is lovely to know that your shoulder has done so well - that's quite a chunk of metal that you have there now.
    Enjoy your stay in the San Juan mountains of Colorado and drive safe.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Guess that one more month of toughing it out and doing more therapy will pass soon.
    Glad the replacement itself went so well.
    Have a safe trip and your sister Polly is quite a talented lady.

  3. That sounds all very painful for poor you.That must be hard not yet have moved to the mountains. Hope things will turn out to the best and wish you a soon recovery en a wonderful time there above in the mountainhouse. Polly is great as a painting!

  4. Oh my gosh Janey, I sympathize re the shoulder, I have some torn muscles in my left shoulder, the pain is incredible. After a steroid injection a few weeks ago am now seeing a physio also. Hope your shoulder feels better soon, take it easy and don't do to much heavy lifting . Safe trip to the mountains 💜

  5. I'm glad things are moving along with your shoulder recovery. I hope the pain starts to ease up very soon. I bet you can't wait to get cooler climes. We in AZ tend to stay indoors during the summer months. It's been especially hard this year since we had to stay indoors during the nice months of March, April and May.

  6. Stellar News All Around - So Pleased With Your Shoulder Progress - That Is A True Reflection On You - I Have Clients That Do NOT Put Forth The Effort And The Healing Almost Never Takes Place - Be Smart With The Move And Do Not Over Do It - Its The Destination That Matters - Travel On - Big Hugs


  7. Hope you're safely in Lake City by now. I imagine it's a lot cooler than TX. Good Luck as your shoulder continues to heal. Sometimes, PT has been a life-safer for me.