Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summers Over

It is with a heavy heart that I am packing today. My wireless connection will not be working in the morning so I thought I would say goodbye.

Fall is in it's full glory around here and it is difficult to leave. Clear blue skies, cool temperatures and fantastic fall color. I will post a couple of pictures today. Both were taken off of our deck. One in the Spring and the other today.Look closely and you will see that the green aspen on the left have turned golden.


  1. This must be a tough place to leave. Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving your comment. I do get comments on my profile's photo. The logic is that I don't want casual viewers to know too much about me. Friends know who I am, and that is fine, but I like to be quasi-anonymous to the general public. Maybe I am paranoid, but . . . ?

  2. Thank you Jack for stopping by!You don't have to worry about me ! I am harmless :)

  3. What a beautiful view you have, it is like a calender picture. Sorry for you to leave, but you will come back I suppose.

  4. Yes Marianne we spend half of the year here or at least five months out of the year. My husband will be back in the winter to cross country ski.

    I am going to keep my blog going. I will be in Texas by next week. ...and in Europe both Fall and Spring. So come back often to visit!