Monday, July 30, 2012

May I Take Your Picture?

There are four directions you can travel when leaving little Lake City, CO. Although, two of those roads are dirt roads into the mountains. Doesn't matter which way you travel, the views in all four directions are breathtaking. Which is why I love going for a ride, when cabin fever sets in. We were doing just that on Saturday morning (heading south) when I spotted this painter . I yelled STOP! to my husband Tom and he complied without too much grumbling.

I ran up to this painter and asked if I could take his picture? He said sure. I asked him if he was a local and he said well, sort of. He was from Creede,which is about fifty five miles to the southeast (over two passes). I said "well, then I bet you have heard to the famous artist there....*Stephen Quiller? He smiled and said, "actually, I am Stephen Quiller".
* Stephen Quiller is an internationally known water color artist who has lived and painted in the Creede, Co.area (where he has a gallery) for the past thirty years. We have a signed print, but I had never met him!
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  1. What a great find! Now I will have to look him up on the web. It's a great story.

  2. oh, wow! that's fantastic! he must have been happy you knew of him!

  3. don't you know you made his day!!!! Sandra

  4. Thanks guys! You know I think he was just as happy that I knew I was to meet him!

  5. This story was delightful for you, for Mr. Quiller, and for each of us who read it! I know that he was thrilled that when you heard where he was from, you asked about perhaps the only person you knew from there.... him!


  6. How exciting Janey, what a thrill to meet such a wonderful artist and in such a unique way.