Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Backyard

Many people in this small town get very creative figuring out how to make a living. That's because the season is so short, that you have to make your money for the year, in span of about four months; enough to last you the other lean months, when the town shrinks to about 400 people. We have a gas station that we all refer to as the Texaco, even though the owner long since become an independent....It has a Barbecue Restaurant inside, but is also open for breakfast..serving on occasion mouth watering cinnamon rolls.
In their backyard they are smack dab up against the wall of a cliff. The owner had the bight idea of building a stage and a seating area, an amphi theater sort of arrangement. All summer long he has a line-up of entertainment scheduled....your ticket  includes a barbecue dinner (despite the fact my husband would like to trade it for a cinnamon roll) and some great entertainment. Last night we enjoyed Michael Martin Murphy ....famous for songs like Geronimo's Cadillac and Wildfire. Fun Night!
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  1. I maxed your photo and sure enough, it really is Michael Martin Murphy! I first heard and saw him in northern New Mexico and have two of his CD's. Guess I'll play a little bit of him this morning!!

  2. Very enterprising of the owners Janey, maximising the potential of the venue, bet it's popular too in a small community. Like your husband, the thought of a cinnamon roll and coffee sounds totally mouthwatering!

  3. oh, that looks so neat! i bet the concerts are great!

    (would you consider disabling word verification on your comments?)

  4. Yes it really looks great to have a concert in your backyard.

  5. Yikes! I didn't even know word verification was turned on. I have turned it off. Thank You

    and thank you all for your comments!