Monday, July 23, 2012

Wild Life Photographer

When I want to track a wild animal. I really just have to track Greg Ochocki, local wildlife photographer.

Yesterday he found a moose. I can only imagine how much better his pictures are (with that camera) than mine; since I just had my trusty little point and shoot. It was a beautiful day. Tom and I drove along Cebolla Creek (which is at about 10,000 ft.) past beaver dams, and breathtaking vistas. We  then hiked up to the top lake at Deer Lakes (where a series of four mountains lakes cascade down a hill). All of this before we spotted Greg,(the icing on the cake).
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  1. I think I'd be tempted to follow this photographer around all over in order to find some good shots. You did a great job with your "trusty little point and shoot." I'd love to take lessons from someone like him.

  2. good strategy! just track him! :)

  3. It is nice to watch a prof and learn something about his way of looking. A moose is such an interesting animal.