Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Fall Hike

Tom and I enjoy hiking in Colorado all summer. So we were delighted to be ask to go in a hike in Ft. Worth with my sister, her husband, another couple ...and Lulu their dog.

They wanted to see the Fall colors  at Eagle Mountain Lake northwest of Ft. Worth, Texas

They knew that a cold front was coming in this weekend, and the leaves would fall off of the trees

The hike is on the north end of Eagle Mountain Lake, where the is a large park with five miles of hiking trails and picnic pavilions. The cactus reminding us we are in the west

I also thought these Juniper berries were pretty

Some of the trees were unbelievably colorful

and the picnic was unbelievably delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday. I hope that you are sharing food with family and friends and that you have a lot to be thankful for. I sure do!
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  1. What a beautiful colours your trees have, so bright, Yes, the leaves will fall immediately when the cold comes along.

  2. the colors this year were wonderful for texas! those early freezes last week made 'em POP! and then, now the rains and wind stripped 'em off.

  3. Beautiful photos. We have an autumn balze maple in our yard and it was so pretty this year. Then we had a wind storm......

  4. The all colors and the photos of nature are spectacular. The picnic lunch looks like a Thanksgiving feast, too. May you enjoy the holiday! Have a great week!

  5. Oh my! The last burst of autumn colour is fabulous, so lucky to get these shots Janey. Hiking is such a fun way to get a bit of healthy outdoor exercise and then that delish breakfast.. Croissants and coffee are my idea of bliss :)

  6. Again, gorgeous photos. Don't know how we had such great colors this Fall.

  7. Nice pictures, enjoyed the autumn colors! Looks like you guys really had a nice picnic...

    I found your site looking fro places to hike in Dallas - Fort Worth area. I am suppose to be down there in January.
    Chceck out one of my hikes; High on Siler Bald


  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Loved your photos! The autumn colors are remarkable.

  9. Great photos. Love the autumn colors.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

  10. Beautiful colors. We have lost almost all the leaves here in Northern Ok so it looks pretty bleak!

  11. PS. Get busy; I miss your daily photos!! Have a great week-end!