Sunday, November 3, 2013

Don't Eat The Scones

I couldn't wait to eat these delicious scones, with our morning coffee, that my multi- talented sister Polly  had dropped by (one of the  many treats of living near family).

Polly (on the right), is a successful professional, a talented crafter, short story writer and fabulous photographer.
So, I am not sure how she has also found the time to take cooking lessons. Sometimes, I think some people have more hours in their day than I do! This weekend, she signed  up for a cooking class at an Artisan Baking Co. to hone her skills at making pie crust, biscuits and scones.

Polly had a ball. She was doing a lot of talking and picture taking and didn't hear the correct instructions for  the scones........ which were: "add  three teaspoons of baking soda" She thought she heard " add three tablespoons baking soda." The story has a happy ending though...she quickly sent me the following text::
Have you ever had a cooking disaster?
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  1. i am laughing! yes, as children, we were taught to bake desserts for the family as soon as we could read and stir. one of my first attempts was apple crisp - except i misread 1/4 tsp as 1/4 cup - salt. even the barn cats wouldn't touch it...

  2. You made me laugh, would have seen your face when biting in it!

  3. Cousin Polly is great at what ever she does and I love you both.

  4. A fun story, Janey. Your sister is a multi-talented and generous woman. Cooking disaster. . .few 'cuz I love it, but baking. NEVER a success. Hate it!

  5. I can imagine you just about to take the first bite when the text came through..thus saving you from a culinary disaster :))

  6. Funny! I have had quite a few cooking disasters. Thankfully they were all quite some time ago and I rarely repeated the same mistake twice ~ live and learn.
    Your multi-talented sister has a lovely sister too {you!}.