Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Centerpiece

I would like to show you a centerpiece that my sister Polly made. Yes, I have mentioned my talented sister before. She is the one who made the scones in baking school  :) Actually, she is a very good cook. Are you wondering how she made this? By the way, the fruit is real.
Several years ago, our Dad made all five of us girls this wooden frame with nails in it. (he was crafty too). He had seen an apple tree decoration in a magazine. They also had shown an example of how they made it on a cone shaped piece of wood, that had nails in it. The top had four nails sticking straight up, and the idea was to impale a whole pineapple there. I still have my cone too. We always make my apple tree at Christmas....a tradition at our house. Tom's grand kids love to help.

Well, Polly changed hers up a bit by using a variety of colorful fruit, and crowning it with just the top of a pineapple..Then, she filled it in with holly sprigs from  her yard , and  made the whole thing shiny by spraying it with cooking spray. Amazingly, it will last a long time, especially if you replace any over ripened fruit. In the end, you can sit it out backyard for the birds to enjoy. It certainly was beautiful on our family Thanksgiving buffet.

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  1. Beautiful and clever! You come from a very talented family. May you have a quiet and peaceful weekend!

  2. What a nice piece of art she created.

  3. What a super idea Janey, bet it looks fantastic in the centre of the Christmas table..looks a little like Carmen Miranda's hat :)

  4. Thanks everyone. Grace that is so true and made me laugh (Polly too) !

  5. What a clever arrangement! I would have never guessed where the "shine" came from :-) Thank you for stopping by today... A bientôt. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)