Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Home Tour

Tom and I signed up to be docents for a Holiday Home Tour this past weekend

It was one of the beautiful old homes on Elizabeth Boulevard

The house has been lovingly restored

The photos on the piano are of the orginal home owners. The house was completed in 1915

and it was all dressed up for Christmas

All of the rooms looked very festive

The home was a wedding  gift to this young woman from her parents. A graduate of Vassar University, she had three children in this house, living here for nine years (1915-1924). 

Before marrying in 1915. Mamie, the first homeowner toured Europe coming home with a pet monkey.

The current  home owners dog wasn't concerned about all of this history. He just liked the comfortable sofa!
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  1. That is a lovely home to tour. Have never seen quite that many candles on a mantel. Re. the Capote story; it's "A Christmas Memory" that I used to read and watch each Christmas but it hasn't been on tv for years. It was narrated by Truman Capote himself.Unfortunately, the video which is available on Amazon is of very poor quality so it is visually unavailable with the original actors. It's on the web so you can read it; wonderful! Find it and read it.

  2. A beautiful home with a history, that is nice. You must feel a bit sad not to have one of your own now during Christmas time.

  3. This is a beautiful home with a lovely history :)