Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Almost Christmas

Christmas feels a bit different for us this year. When we moved to north Texas, this past February, we stored all of our belongings, thinking we would buy a house and be settled before summer. Well, we didn't find the place we wanted to buy, and instead bought a lot... and started the slow process of building. Above. is a recent photo of the construction site. Only thing that has changed this week, is the front door is on.

So, we are still in our furnished apartment and our Christmas decorations are all packed away in storage. My sister Polly came to the rescue though with this tiny  (prelit) Christmas tree complete with little fake gifts and being guarded by a couple of festive snowmen. Don't feel too sorry for us, as we are headed to the east coast this week where we will see three of our five daughters. (and five of our nine grandchildren)

I hope that you have plans with family (and or friends) this holiday season. How are you celebrating the holiday?
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  1. You are ALWAYS busy and travelling. Have a great trip and a wonderful time over the holidays!

  2. Your new house is coming along ~ always exciting to get the door on. I love the covered balconies. You will have lovely times there I am sure. Have a wonderful time visiting your daughters and grandchildren. Wishing you all the best during the holidays!

  3. i'm glad you will spend it with family. :) nice to see an update on your house, too.

  4. I was surprised to see your house so soon after the last update you gave us. It looks very nice already, love the balcony, to have a breakfast or other meal there. Have a nice trip and time with your family.