Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Seven Ice Cube Orchid Saga

Some of you may remember the blog about the "ice" orchid.-Here I told about the plant that came with this rental apt.I shall try and explain: It actually belonged to Linda, the previous owner of this apt., who passed away last year. Her daughter sold this house containing two apts. that were completely furnished a good friend....and with it came the orchid. Linda loved this plant, and left strict instructions to give it seven ice cubes every Monday.

Well, I did that from February to May when we left for Colorado for the entire summer. I was so worried about the plant when we left....since the apt. would be empty. My sister Nancy did come by once a week until July when she left for the mountains, and I guess then the land lady came by on occasion and watered it (hopefully on a Monday). But, with the summer heat and the air conditioner virtually turned off....the plant suffered.
So, when we returned in October the plant didn't have a bloom on it....

But look closely...since I have been taking care of it for a good month, there are several buds on the end of the stem!
Also look in the mirror. See that piece of art hanging across from it in the stairwell? (sort of like that game...can you find the differences?) Well, our landlord who loves to buy art...seemingly  from Texas artists....hung a newly acquired piece of art, while we were gone. And guess what it is?!
A lithograph of a white Texas born Tommy Tune. Tommy Tune is an award winning Broadway actor/dancer who has also taken up painting.More on Tommy here Okay, that is my seven ice cubes on Monday white orchid story :)


  1. well, hopefully the painting will encourage the real orchid to flourish again! it sure was beautiful! :)

  2. Oh, that looks quite different the second picture... But to give it ice cubes, is that the real treat? Hope you will have the patience to cheer it up.

  3. Great story. Hope the orchid 'makes' it. The seven ice cubes - is that all it takes to grow orchids?

  4. Since I have plenty of ice cubes but no orchid, I wonder if I should try this out? Guess not since we'll be away and our son, the housesitter, has enough on his hands while we are gone. Your orchid photos and story are fun to read.

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