Saturday, June 7, 2014

Out of Reach

I did hang the Hummingbird feeder outside of the sun room (which I refer to as the morning porch).
You can see it through the window. You by the way, you do not have to put red food coloring in the water. Just some sugar...which they love . The bears love the sugar too, so it has to be out of their reach.
If you are wondering how I hung it out there....I didn't do it through the window. It is a crank out, at the bottom..and you couldn't reach up there. If you hung it below the crank out, you couldn't see it. Removing the lower screen would be a hassle too.
I wasn't kidding when I said it was way up there.How did I hang it there?..Okay, give up?

I simply lean out over the railing of the porch off of our bedroom. There is no staircase to the ground...for a bear to come up. Yes, I am aware that they can climb, but we have been in the house ten years, and a bear has yet to climb the posts to get to the feeder.


  1. Oh you are tricky, Janey. Hope those big, bad bears do not outwit you!!

  2. yikes! but i'm glad you feed the hummers. :)

  3. You risks your life for the hummingbirds, well done. They will be very gratefull!

  4. Oh wow, the hummers should be mega grateful Janey :) still freaked out by the thought of bears 'maybe' climbing those stairs :)

  5. Hi Janie, I can't put any feeders out here in Breckenridge. The bears would have a field day. I do plant flowers that the hummers like though and there are plenty of worms in my garden for the others. There is still a bit of snow in my back garden and temps are supposed to go below freezing again tonight. I'm waiting to plant my containers and have several flats of pansies in the garage. Surely it will soon be summer here!