Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Mine

Last week when my cousins were here, we drove over the mountain to see a play at the opening night play at the Creede  Repertory Theater. Just past downtown there is a picturesque mining area.
This is actually the area where parts of the movie The Lone Ranger were filmed, two years ago starring Johnny Depp. I would have gladly had him as a guest at my house!


  1. Hello:

    Exceedingly dramatic scenery. Sadly we remember 'The Lone Ranger' from the first time around!!

  2. It looks like a good place for a movie. What a pity you didn't see Johnny Depp, that would have been exciting to bump in to him.

  3. Yes, it is very dramatic, as is Johnny Depp!

  4. Bad luck for Johnny :) he could have had a guest appearance right here if the timing had been right hey Janey :)

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