Sunday, August 11, 2019

One Moose Too Many

Our recent guests have been our next door neighbors from Texas. They only stayed three nights but we packed a lot into those few days. Tom loves to take our guests hiking and this time I even went along.
A fairly easy hike is Brush Creek. Don't worry, we didnt' have to scale that cliff. We meandered along Brush Creek below it. It sure made for some pretty views though.
You have to understand, it is not easy keeping up with my Tom. ...but he is kind enough to stop and wait on us now and then.
Most of the trip you are high above the creek, but on occasion the trail takes you down by the water.
It is two miles in to the stopping point (which means it is two miles back out). This is where we get to sit down and eat the lunches we packed.
We ate stream side. I threw this one in to prove that I was indeed along.
The return trip is faster and that is good since the skies opened up on us 50 yards from the trail head .The road we take home is a place to spot moose. Although, I didn't want to get my friends hopes up since it was mid day which usually isn't a good time to find them out.
To our surprise there was a female and her calf just off the road. Our guests were thrilled. So we decided to turn up to an area called Deer Lakes to see if any others were out feeding.
and yes, there was another female and a calf in the first lake we came to. We had walked up a trail to a point overlooking the lake,

and we we turned..OH NO!!. There was another female right by the path...the path we needed to go down! Moose are fairly docile, but are known to charge when frightened. Now what do we do? I suggested we all climb on top of a picnic table which was behind us. Luckily the moose was more interested in eating foliage than us and finally strolled away.
What a wonderful fun and exciting day it turned out to be!


  1. Being out doors gives a better experience every time.

  2. It is lovely that you have all of that beautiful countryside on your doorstep, and lots of Moose too. It would have been good to see all of you standing on top of the picnic table!!
    It has always been like that for me in an all male family - me trailing behind that is.

  3. I have seen a moose once in the US, I passed her with calf close over the path. Recently I read that they can be angry to humans when they are with calf! They are so huge, amazing.

  4. How marvelous! Thanks for sharing

  5. Dearest Janey,
    That was an intense and fully packed 3-night stay indeed but glad they had some incredible views and sights of wildlife.
    Haha, one never knows indeed what a mama mammal might be up to and they're big enough for trouble.

  6. You must have been exhausted by the time your visitors left Janey. How exciting to see the moose, excellent when events turn out as hoped for ✨