Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Real Treasure

Today I attended a luncheon where the speaker was Bobbie Wygant. You probably don’t know that name unless you are native to the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. Around here she is a bit of a celebrity. Born Roberta Connolly  in Indiana and educated at Perdue University Bobbie was on the ground floor of television itself . She joined WBAP T.V. Channel Five in this area in 1948, actually even before they went on the air. Holding various jobs she ended up as their celebrity interviewer, with her own show for fifteen years.

She has written a book about her 70 years with the station titled Talking to the Stars.. Her talk today was about the stars she interviewed. Everyone from Olivia Dehavilland, Betty Davis, Bob Hope, Dustin Hoffman ,the Beatles and even current stars like Bradley Cooper. I so enjoyed her talk which was so interesting and at time hilarious.
As a young interviewer....from her book

                            Bobbie Wygant today ....a young 93 yrs. old


  1. Oh I like that to read about the old stars. She looks still very good!

  2. And Did She Sign Something For Ya?? Hope So

    Have A Wonderful Weekend,

  3. Dearest Janey,
    You were SO lucky for being able to listen to such a Grand Dame.
    She truly proved to be an outstanding Journalist and a female one, for that era a huge achievement!
    She was very passionate about it and that's why she was good and it has kept her looking happy and young!!!
    Yes, satisfaction is far better than botox...

  4. I think I would have enjoyed listening to her too. What a career and still going at 93.

  5. What a fascinating life she has had Janey, would have been an interesting event ✨


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