Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Event Filled Weekend-Napa Part ll

Thursday night, when we arrived, there was a dinner in the garden of the Calistoga candle light, with little olive trees adorning the tables
My youngest daughter Katy from Chicago. Can you tell I was happy to see her?

The next morning both of my daughters were there. They stayed in a friend's house and were taking care of her dog Reese. We walked every morning. Perfect weather.
Stacy from Charlotte, NC and Katy again from Chicago
 Most of my family was staying at the quaint Brannon Cottages

Where we gathered in the garden, for alfresco family lunches following wine tours, hikes and bike rides..
A favorite event for me.

Friday night, was the rehearsal dinner at Brixs, in Yountsville. All 120 guests were invited. The tables were along the vineyard (with evenings)

I loved the sparkle of the glasses on the tables

Tom, showing you that the grapes are indeed ripe :)
Come back tomorrow for the grand finale...The wedding in the vineyard


  1. wow - a rehearsal dinner for all invited guests! i kind of like that all-weekend-celebration!

  2. What delightful daughters!! How happy it must be to be together, esp in such a lovely place.

  3. Looks lovely! How fun to have a little reunion and wedding in such a gorgeous location.

  4. That is a huge table for a lot of people. It looks like a movie set!
    Lovely to see your daughters with you and you look great!