Monday, October 14, 2013

The Mob, Vampires and Zombies!

I have mentioned my sister Polly's neighborhood, in Ft. Worth, on previous blogs.. We tried in earnest to buy a house  there, before we started building. Well it seems that, in that neighborhood, someone  owns an old 1939 Cadillac.

and....I guess there was this movie director, who was looking for  just such a car, to be in a television movie series.

The neighbor's house (built in 1921) also  fit the bill for filming .. So, that is how it came about, that a television pilot about the mob, vampires and zombies was being filmed there.. Polly, my sister, a part time photographer, and a regular contributor to her neighborhood magazine, was asked to photograph and write an article for an upcoming issue..

There was a lot going on in the house. Makeup artists in the basement

Actresses with amazing jewelry

period costumes

and a whole lot of action in the front yard
oh...and I was delighted to be asked  to be her assistant (and take notes) Fun!
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  1. Oh Janey this is fun to be so close to a movie making! And you even was allowed to assist. The car is beautiful.

  2. Always liked period movies. Kudos to whoever is maintaining that 1939 Cadillac.

  3. fun fun fun
    does not happen every day that one's neighbor's house gets turned into a movies set.
    lucky you Ms Notetaker!

  4. Is that a Mission style house. I love it, and that car. I swear I lived in the 30s in a previous life!
    Happy autumn. I will be in Colorado next week - eeeeeek, so excited :-)

    1. Welcome back Di!

      Yes the home is Mission style...some also call it Craftsman. I did take some interior shots which I will post later.

      Colorado! Sorry ..I have headed south for the winter or I would invite you for a cup of tea! Have fun. Janey

  5. Looks like great fun!! PS. Feeling a bit better but not there yet!

    1. So happy to see your face Kate! I have been thinking about you...and hope your neck is healing.....Janey

  6. That's a bit of an exciting distraction Janey.. Love the style of your neighbours house, the stone verandah reminded me a bit of the houses we stayed in when we lived in Africa.

  7. How fun is that??! Love that necklace... (I'm your newest GFC follower and RSS subscriber...)