Sunday, February 22, 2015

Endangered List

When I was a small child, there weren't many supermarkets around, and most folks shopped at what we called the corner grocer. They should certainly be on the endanger list these days.
I passed one (a family owned, independent grocery store), on my walk the other day that has been in this same location for seventy years. I can remember the little grocery store where my grandmother shopped. It was smaller than this, it's name I think was Sprowl's. Back then, you could charge your groceries. I can remember my grandfather complaining about the size if the bill when it came, but I don't think that ever slowed my grandmother down. Do you still have small grocers in your area?


  1. They are all almost disappeared indeed. A shop around the corner was very nice to get your things and to have a talk with someone.

  2. there was one or two near downtown dallas near where i worked. a homeless man i often helped would go there to buy a sandwich. sadly, they had to close after the old brother and sister that ran it were beaten and robbed. truly a sad thing.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    There is no way they can compete with the larger grocery store chains... Sad fact as I too remember that form my childhood years in The Netherlands. Fond memories but it is slowly vanishing in our days.

  4. There's still one small grocery store in a nearby town, but the little grocery store we used to go to has now closed. They did still deliver groceries and let people buy on charge when they went out of business.