Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Plunge

I am amazed at the number of accidents that happen right in our very own homes.
What you are looking at here is the ceiling of my friend Betty's garage. Above the garage is a portion of the houses attic. Betty and her husband were hearing what sounded like animals in the attic. Possibly squirrels or a raccoon. Animals like that can do a lot of damage. So, on Valentines Day, her husband Tony decided to go up an investigate. Most of our homes have a pull down staircase....so that you can climb up to the attic. He called from the attic "Betty, ya gotta see this"....so she followed him up to see the damage that was apparent up there.

Parts of their attic has wooden flooring...safe to step on. But, Betty stepped on an area that was simply thin sheet rock covered with insulation. One leg fell through and she was in a lot of pain. Tony tried to pull her back up, but couldn't....so he ran down to call 911 (emergency paramedics). Betty said at some point she could no longer hold on. She said she must have blacked out from the pain and feel through this hole to the concrete floor of their garage. When she came to..... the ambulance was pulling in the driveway.

This is Betty, taken the next day, has a dislocated shoulder, two cracked ribs, a cut on her foot and a bruise and scrape that runs the whole length of the backside of her torso. It is amazing to me that she fell twelve feet to a concrete floor and those are her only injuries!
She hasn't  lost her sense of humor though. When I photographed the hole in the attic....she said "notice that I didn't make a very big hole when I fell through!
Moral of this story folks. Please stay out of your attics! It is not safe up there!


  1. One lucky lady because she escaped without any head injuries. What a freak accident!

  2. oh, i'm so sorry for her! bless her! she was very lucky!

    (and she's a beauty, too, even if bruised and broken a bit!)

  3. Oh, what a story of a terrible accident, she sure was lucky to be able to pose so happy for you. Most accidents seem to happen at home, we both have fallen down the stairs here but without harm.

  4. Bless her heart! But the next question is: What was it that she 'had to see'???

  5. Betty is lucky that she isn't hurt worse, though her injuries sound terribly painful. I like her sense of humor. I've heard of people falling through insulation before. This is a good reminder to stay on solid ground!

  6. Dearest Janey,
    So sorry for poor Betty and I hope her husband does not feel guilty for having summoned her to come up onto the attic.
    Well, we certainly would not have that problem. First of all, our bedroom is above the garage so that's no option for landing there and husband Pieter did cover our entire attic floor. You can read about that here: {Saving Energy and Our Attic}
    Sending you hugs and blessings for all!