Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Changing Face of the Neighborhood

There are folks with differing views, when it comes to the revitalization of a neighborhood. The face of  our neighborhood is really changing.I am talking about tearing down older, smaller homes, to make way for the newer, and yes larger ones. Some call it progress, others...well, I won't repeat what they have to say, and I guess we would be considered part of the problem.....In our defense.. the little frame house, that sat for years on our lot, had already been demolished. We simply purchased a vacant lot from the builder.

Some of the small homes that were built in the 1920's and '30's have been refurbished, like the one above, and will hopefully remain
Many are still  quite desirable

I  know that I would certainly be proud to call this place home.

You can also be sure that no two look alike. This one reminds me, for some reason, of Tommy the Train.

Maybe this will give you an idea of what I am talking about. The tiny house in the center, with all of the trees, has so far escaped the wrecking ball. The new homes of course are bringing up the land values...and the taxes, which in turn force some folks to have to sell.

just two blocks behind these little homes...this is what is happening. You see, these large lots sit on a high ridge, so that the views out the back, seem to be unobstructed, all the way to western Texas.

It certainly makes for a nice place to walk. Thanks for coming along. Janey


  1. It's funny how different attitudes are in different areas and even countries.. You just can't even imagine knocking down old heritage homes in England or Europe, its the younger countries that seem to have no problem with it which is such a shame, they should be restoring instead of removing. I would love to live in a restored much older house. Mine is only about 45 years o!d :(

  2. There has been a similar controversy in St. Paul, and many have resulted in some nasty publicity.

  3. i do feel bad for those forced from their lovely little homes by looming monsters and monster taxes. *sigh*

  4. Love the pillars of the home on the second photo!