Saturday, February 14, 2015

The History Among Us

The new zip code we live in, actually has it's own glossy magazine. It is mostly advertisements, but usually has several  interesting stories. One such story caught my eye this month. It was about an old house in my neighborhood, that I have noticed on walks.
So, I walked over, and took my own picture.

The house was built in 1895, and at the time, surrounded by a lot more land. No one is quite sure who the first owner was, but in 1905 a widow, named Lillie, and her three small children moved in . The husband a Kentucky Colonel, who had been in the grain business, had recently died of tuberculosis. Lillie became a civic leader, a trustee in her children's public school as an example. She did go on the marry again, but out lived that husband as well. The part I find heartbreaking, is that Lillie buried all three of her children. Her youngest daughter dieing at thirteen from appendicitis. Later, her older daughter died of tuberculosis of the hip, which I had to look that up...I thought it was only a lung disease. That only left her beloved son, who unfortunately was hit by a car, as he crossed a street. I will always enjoy looking at this beautifully cared for home...but will also be reminded of the sadness that must have hung over it many years ago.

* research for this article from 76107 magazine


  1. That is a sad story indeed. When you live in that house, you better not would know what has happened there.

  2. A strong woman but a tragic personal story. May she and her family members RIP! Happy Valentine's Day to you. For the next two weeks I'll be sunning in Mazatlán, México and blogging from there. I invite you to come visit me at

    1. Oh darn. has to reread that. I thought you were inviting me to come along. have fun Kate!

    2. I also can't type on this darn ipad ,

  3. Gosh that's a tragic history Janey, I hope the present owners create a happier future, it's a very beautiful home.

  4. It is certainly a nice house.


  5. It is a beautiful house with some lovely features. Sometimes I wonder how people get through their lives when they suffer such terrible hardships and tragedies

  6. wow, what a life full of tragedy and loss! love the home, though.

  7. Dearest Janey,
    Often one wonders how much some people have to live through in life... Not fair it seems like.
    Lovely home though and thanks for sharing.
    Happy Valentine's Day ending...