Monday, December 7, 2015

Home Tour part II

When we finished our two and a half hours of being docents.(see previous blog entry), we were given free tickets to the other four house.
which were more on the order of this ....a bit larger than the house we volunteered in.
The lights above the fireplace mantle in this home were the original ones from the early twentieth century. At that time they were gas lights, but were wired for electricity when it became available.
This is a partial view from the sun room of the backyard pool area. I then found out that I wasn't really supposed to be taking I complied :(

Which was a shame, because the last house was the very best. Built in 1917 the elegant Italianate Villa  was one I was most excited about. For this was the home of the developer of the neighborhood way back
From the minute you walked in the door, you knew that this place was decorated with authentic antiques.
There were beautiful porches on both sides of the house. A great place to eat breakfast with our nice Ft. Worth weather.
Everywhere you turned, there were really pretty places to be outside.
Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed our day. We also are invited to a beautiful home in the neighbor tonight for what they call a "Wine down party" for all of the volunteers.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Volunteering in such a rewarding way makes it very enjoyable and you still managed to give us a good glimpse of what you got to see.
    Love the porches very much!

  2. I can see why they don't want photographs (though I would have been snapping away, too). Just having your house open for the public is enough of a gamble! Love that second house's outdoor spaces.

  3. That looks a lovely house and what a fabulous blue sky too.

  4. I always go on house tours when we visit Mazatlán, México and am always amazed at the acquisitive nature of some homeowners. I prefer the "less is more" homes.