Monday, December 28, 2015

Missing Berries

I have posted a photo of the wall outside our new "in town" house before. It was rather bleak to look at, especially since we left behind a tropical backyard with a pool.
So, we had a wire espalier installed and planted Pyracantha bushes,which can be trained to trail. Several of you thought it was ivy.
We chose Pyracantha since it blooms with white flowers in the Spring and Summer
and in the Fall and Winter, it has orange or red berries.
Our vines have not filled all the way in yet, but I was pleased to see the berries.
Well....they were only on one side! 

So I wired a few fake berries on the right side. Problem solved. They are slightly off in color...but no one seems to notice. Hopefully, next Fall both sides will have berries. If not I will  just wire in a few more,so that it looks more balanced. :)


  1. :) too cute. love the growth, though!

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Looks really very nice!
    You are now still coaching those Pyracanthas but last year Pieter had to dig up our way too big and very invasive one in the wood garden. All things look different when they are stil small...

    1. Yes, Marietta, I. Know that they grow quite large but the gardeners are actually taking care of this ...and will in the future.

    2. oops my ipad changed the spelling of your name! Sorry.

  3. The berries look similar to ones I've seen here.

  4. I still giggle when I think of you buying fake berries to hang!