Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Big Tree

No, I am not still playing on the MacDonald's playground. It is just a super busy time of the year!
Last night we took our visiting family downtown to see the city Christmas Tree in Sundance Square.
It this picture it looks like it has wings, but it doesn't. Those are large shade canopies over and outside 
restaurant behind the tree.

Yesterday was warm and sunny and lots of folks headed downtown to see the tree, since there is a cold (and wet), front coming in today,
Of course the main attraction was having your picture taken with Santa Claus. The wait was well over an hour, so we decided not to wait, and headed for the ice cream store instead. I hope you are enjoying the holidays?


  1. I bet Santa was unhappy that you didn't get to sit on his lap! Beautiful tree and decorations.

  2. Ice cream was a good choice. We're in Denver for the weekend - snowing here and in mts.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    The warm weather we too enjoy here in Georgia. Almost 80s for tomorrow so we're happy with that!
    Love that City tree on the square.