Sunday, December 13, 2015

To the Museum

We sure have had a fun week. One of the things we did was  go to the Gustave Caillebotte exhibit at our favorite museum, the Kimbell
with great friends Linda and Bruce. They live near us in Colorado and Texas.

Gustave Caillibotte (1848-1894), is a painter you may not have heard of, because he was not poor, and didn't need to sell his painting to live. He painted over 50 wonderful works of art, mostly scenes in Paris. A friend and colleague of both Degas and Renoir. One of his painting hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago, One in the Kimbell's permanent collection and one in the Orsay in Paris. The others are privately owned. This show was in Washington D.C., and here in Ft. Worth. The paintings then will be returned to the private owners. I am so thrilled that we got to see it!


  1. Where did you get those high hats from? They were probably avaiblabe at the museum I think, funny photo!

  2. Y'all just blend right in....cute!

  3. Dearest Janey,
    That indeed was a very rare occasion for viewing one of his fine paintings! Lovely photo of the four of you and all in style...

  4. I like the style, and that of the onlookers also!