Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Life Fully Lived

I usually don't do this on this page, but I would like to pay tribute to a  neighbor that did not return 
to our little town this summer.
Susan 1933-12016
It happens every year. We return to find out that someone, usually someone unexpected, has died over the winter. I guess since so many  of us are retired that come here in the summer should be expected, but somehow it is always a shock.

Susan lived such a full and rewarding life. She stumbled onto little Lake City in the early 80's and built a summer home here.
A log home high on a bluff high above the river,
with a terrific view.
 Susan was a hiker, artist , photographer and mother and grandmother...not necessarily in that order.

She was also an avid traveler. Japan,Tibet,China, the Amazon, Egypt and Africa..and of course Europe where she twice rented a third floor walk up (alone), in Florence for six weeks at a time so she could pursue her painting. To celebrate her 60th birthday she even hiked to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

Why now  is Susan on my mind? Well, her children took what they wanted from the house , and per Susan's wishes donated the remainder of the estate to
 The Women's club of Lake City, an organization that raises money for local charities. The big sale is going on this weekend.
 It kind of seems sad to me for people to be picking over her treasures, everyday household items and mementos of her travels and life...not knowing the special story connected to each, or the wonderful (and beautiful) lady who owned them.


  1. awww. thank you for paying tribute to her here. an adventurous soul with a bright light.

  2. She looks as if she was a lovely lady filled with zest and vitality whilst persuing her many interests to the full.

  3. Yes that is sad someone to loose you have known so very well. To sell her stuff for a good course is nice, but I understand your hesitation.

  4. Susan gives of herself even in death. I suspect she knew that she'll live on in the memories of those who love her. It sounds as though she had a life well-lived.

  5. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.