Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Up on the Hill

We were invited to a cookout on Labor Day by friends who live on the mountain on the other side of the valley from us.
Their house is further down the mountain, but thier land reaches almost to the top of a mountain called Neoga . There is a level area about half way up where they have a picnic area.
There are beautiful views from up there. This is the view to the northeast,
Click on image to enlarge

and this is the view to the south. If you will blow up the picture you will notice the little white dots on the middle of the three mountains . I am trying to mark the postage stamp. That is the name of the rectangle of Aspen trees that always turn gold before all of the other trees.It is an  indication of what is to come.
Fall has arrived in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado..


  1. Fall is coming soon with the beautifull coloured trees. Here we have an unexpected Indian summer, after a bad summer!

  2. Wow that really looks stunning! amazing!