Friday, September 16, 2016

Still Blooming!

Hello from the Great State of Texas!
We had a very nice and uneventful trip home,
and I was very surprised to see that the flowers in the front flower beds still looked pretty. You see, it gets very hot here in the summer. They even had a day that it was 107 degrees. Yes, we have a watering system, but still not many flowers can take that kind of heat. I would mention the type of flower...but I don't know what they are? I just told the yard crew to plant something pink. If we were here all year, we would not need a yard crew to do our small yard, but we are usually gone for five they are very necessary!
I hope that I can find enough interesting things around here to post about. It sure is a lot easier in the mountains!


  1. Very pretty! Good that you're back safely.

  2. That must have been a pleasant surprise to return to a garden of flowers.

  3. Glad you arrived in TX safely. I hope your heat soon turns to fall. You're missing the color show in CO!

    1. I know...we usually stay for that. Have Sept. Commitments in Texas. Enjoy for me :(

  4. I'm glad you got back safe and sound! The flowers are beautiful...can't quite tell what they are but how nice they are in full bloom. Have a good weekend settling back in! Hugs, Diane

  5. Must be a change to be back after five months! Living yhe other life now again.