Saturday, September 10, 2016

At Summer's End

I hate to say it...but our time in the mountains is coming to an end.
It has been a wonderful summer, but commitments at home (in Texas) are calling.

Sorry that I have not been visiting your blogs lately. We have house guests, and at the same time we are packing for the great migration south. I may not be posting for a few days. We will head out very early on Weds. morning. I will get back on schedule soon. Janey


  1. I can't believe how quickly your time there has gone - it seems no time at all that you were going, and now you are leaving.

  2. I'll wave goodbye on Wed, Janey. Have a safe trip back to TX.

  3. Vera Lynn already sung her song, " when it's time to say goodbye......." So sad summer is over for you. Ours seems to have started yet here. Having wonderful weather and temperatures

  4. Have a wonderful trip! You'll probably still have some summer time weather to enjoy when you get back! Hugs!