Saturday, November 30, 2019

A How To

We are starting to decorate for the Christmas Holidays
and I find I use a lot of votive candles. Problem is I want new candles in the holders. How to clean them out? I usually just go buy new holders....but with the Internets help I have discovered a new way to salvage them.
Turn them upside down on a piece of aluminum foil. Make sure to scrunch up the outer edge of the foil so you won't have a waxy mess in the pan. I use a heavy duty jelly roll pan that has an edge. Next heat your oven to 200 degrees.
Put them in the oven. I put them on an upper shelf.

Set a timer for just 15 minutes
Not easy to see with these white candles, but after 15 mins. the wax will have melted and fallen on the foil.
Remove from the oven.. using a mitt to lift the glass holder. They will be hot.
Wipe what is left of the wax with a paper towel. Again using the mitt as the glass will still be hot

Cleanup is easy. Carefully gather the foil and dispose of.
So there. Your votive holders are sparkling clean again, ready for a new candle.
I suggest only doing a couple at a time, since you need to wipe them out before the wax starts to harden again.
Please only do this with holders made of heavy glass. Not sure what would happen to your fine crystal..