Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Good Moose Day

Tom and I have five daughters. He has three and I have two.. Kristen his youngest, her husband and their grandchildren are visiting for the 4th of July holiday. Yes, she is a young grandmother.... and Tom likes to think he is a young great grandfather!

They had hardly arrived, and I suggested we drive up the mountain and see a moose. Wasn't very far a flat meadow we came across a bull moose, enjoying the sun.

Further up, on the Deer Lakes road, we see a female cow (moose) eating in a small pond

I was excited to see this. What looks like a large fish is actually a beaver swimming across the pond.

Beside another small pond, on the same road, we came across a cow  and her calf. 

On the way back down the mountain, we hit pay dirt. Two huge bull moose grazing together. My daughter Stacy has been coming here for twenty years...and she has yet to see a moose. Sure wish she had been with us today!
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  1. Did you give a moose a muffin? (Are you familiar with that children's book?)

    It's wonderful being "great!" I'm not a great-grandmother because I got married a little later that many of my friends; late for that generation anyway. But, I am not only a great-aunt, but I"m also a great-great aunt! That comes from being a late-late baby with much older siblings. All this kinship business can get pretty complicated. But I love it.

  2. Thanks for the pictures of the Meese (is that plural for Moose?) When I lived in Montana one friend said it was Moosesers! I like the noble look of the bull elk (wapiti). But there is something about the big ugly face, unwieldy-looking antlers, and plain old weird-looking body of the Moose. Ungainly, but somehow Majestic in his own way.

  3. That is amazing you saw so many Moose. I once saw one in the US and they are huge! I passed him very close but he did nothing, just eating. That is a complicated family you have, with great, greatgranddads. But it doesn't matter how you call them, it is just family.