Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Price is Right

I get tickled when I see this. We do not have any sort of resale or charity shop in town. So, when someone wants to get rid of something (that possibly needs throwing away) they try to give it away for FREE! I am not saying that someone might not like this, or have a use for it......but the owner would have to pay a fee to throw it away at the dump, so giving it away for free is the best solution.
Me, I am just wondering if the office chair is part of the deal?
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  1. I see your point; not exactly a classy looking sofa!

  2. someone would put it on their porch around here. eek!

  3. That looks very similar to a couch I had in the 80's!

    1. Me too Cherie...I think mine was green and white.

  4. What's that expression man's junk is another man's treasure :)