Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ya Gotta Up Early!

If you are a guest here, I more than likely will encourage you to get up early and see this. ....as early as 6am.  That's when the sun, east of us, peeks over the mountain and illuminates T-Mountain to the southwest of us. Only happens for a little while.

This is what it looks like it you sleep late

I know I know. I need a better camera. Tom has been trying to buy me one for years. I just hate lugging around a big camera...and this one fits in my pocket. Any suggestions?
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  1. The composition of the top photo is wonderful. I love my Canon Rebel, but if you ask other photographers they will love their brand just as much! Personal preferences. Google reviews for different brands; lot of excellent information on the web. It's not that difficult to bring your camera along with you; Mine goes everywhere with me, and I'm ready to begin improving my skills. I've been told by other much better photographers that there are some really excellent small point-and-shoot cameras out there. Check that out too. I just might indulge for one myself. Just be sure to get one with a good lens; forget about pixels, etc. They're less important!

  2. sweet view, no matter what time of day!

  3. I dunno, kid. Your compositions are great, as is your choice of subject matter.
    The colors are vibrant and seem true. As long as it works and you are happy with it, why change?If it ain't broke,don't fix it.
    Love Milt

  4. It looks like a piece of gold coming up there!

  5. You definitely miss the best light if you get up late in summer Janey, the first shot is gorgeous. I recently changed from a Pentax (big, heavy) to an Olympus OM-D, I love it soooo much, it's light, has so many in camera features and just generally all round is a fab camera.

  6. I use a Panasonic Lumix G2. It's not as big as the usual SLR but I absolutely love it and its so easy to use with interchangeable lenses.
    Still reading :-)