Friday, January 24, 2014


My sister's granddaughter (my great niece) is a junior in college this year.....and she has just moved into her very first apartment (a sub-let). Maddy was challenged because the kitchen, was not only small, but had no storage space. She said she felt like a princess when several of her great aunts showed up (me included) to help remedy the situation.
We installed shelves for her plates, cup hooks for her coffee mugs and a tall shelving unit for a pantry. She was almost overwhelmed that food was also brought to stock the shelves. She had been over heard saying that she couldn't buy food until payday, because she needed to buy gasoline to get to her part time job. Can you tell that we all love Maddy?


  1. how incredibly sweet of all of you!!! :)

  2. Kudos for all the "antees and great antees!" What a thought group of women y'all are! I'd claim you for a relative in a heartbeat. Masterful job of organizing and stocking the larder!!