Monday, January 6, 2014

Rolling on The River -Dice that is

Gambling here in the U.S., is still illegal, except for the state of Nevada (I feel sure you all know about Las Vegas), and oh yes, in Atlantic City in New Jersey. It's okay too, for the Indians to have Casinos on their reservations, and for the past few years the states of Louisiana and Mississippi can have Casinos with a strange rule .... that they can not be on land. That's right, they must be on the water. So, you will see barges in both states, and off shore, on the Gulf of Mexico with full fledged casinos on them. I think that is a rather strange rule.....and I don't quite understand it? Below, is such a Casino...floating... in Mississippi (at Vicksburg)  on the Mississippi River.
I took this photo a couple of weeks ago as we were headed to the East Coast for Christmas. I am not against gambling....I just don't understand why it is okay to do so while floating, and not on land. A loop hole maybe?


  1. Laws always have loopholes and inconsistencies. Gambling holds no interest to me; visited a casino once and that was enough for me. There's too much human misery connected to it.

  2. i wish they'd legalize it in texas and stop letting all our money go to oklahoma and louisiana. if i lose money, by golly, just let it stay in texas. ;)

  3. That is a strange rule indeed. I have seen such a ship in Natchez I think. And i remember a picture of a Casino ship stranded after Katrina in New Orleans.