Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Have you ever been to Savannah, Georgia? Well, my Tom hadn't either. So, since we were over on the East Coast during the holidays...we spent a day in Savannah. Savannah has a rich history, but to me the appeal is beautiful old mansions built around small squares. I think I counted over twenty of them.(squares)
Some of the homes date back to the eighteen century, and all have been restored
Several of the homes have wonderful summer porches, as there was no air conditioning back then.
I love the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees
There was even a wedding going on in Forsythe Park!
This square was in a very popular movie. Forest Gump was sitting on a bench in this very square, eating a box of chocolates and waiting on a bus.
I tried my best to re-create it with you know who (that's my Tom) Problem is, he ate the chocolates.

Be sure and come back and we'll head down the coast to St. Augustine. The oldest U. S. town.


  1. Patty and I visited this city many years ago and when we got there we listed to the story about Savannah and that helped us a lot. We went to the harbor and saw where the slaves were kept until they were auctioned off. The mansions were beautiful and I didn't have a camera.

  2. i cannot imagine the historical societies in that city. to buy a property and change anything must take an act of congress. :)

  3. Yes, we stayed in Savannah for several days in April of 2012 and rented this historic house (go see the link!) Is is indeed a lovely city and we enjoyed it very much. Did you see the Mercer House, too (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)?

  4. Well I can tell you I have been there in 2008! I liked the city very much with beautiful old houses. And the Spanish moss indeed.

  5. I have been there too, years and years ago and your reportage is a wonderful trip down memory lane