Friday, January 17, 2014

The unusual

I showed you several of the art pieces in my previous blog, from the home that we leased recently in West Palm Beach, Florida. These are a few of the things that I thought most unusual.
Three small chunks of the Berlin Wall
A photo taken by the homeowner, that I recognized at first glance. Hint: he was the son of one of our most famous presidents.
I thought that this, hanging on the living room wall, was a central vacuum system. But, I was wrong.
Seems it is a work of art (or some sort of statement)
and last, but not least. Not really a work of art, but a letter to the homeowner signed the the late Kathryn Hepburn.
These are the last of  the photos of our holiday trip to the East Coast. We are back in Texas ,where we are busy with selections for our new place. Please come again....Janey


  1. You were leasing an art gallery Janey :)

  2. I read your post with interest. I enjoyed having a look at the pieces of art in the house you rented. Something similar happened for me and at first I thought, perhaps, your experience was with the "same" house, but it clearly wasn't the same one.

    Mine was in Delray Florida. The house was given to me to stay in for the week it took to shoot 13, half hour shows for television. I had to go to West Palm Beach to shoot the shows and stayed there at Delray Beach. The house was filled with paintings by the masters. They were all there just hanging on the walls.

    They were all painted by a man who had been arrested many times for making paintings by the masters look like the masters so much they fooled experts who were brought in to examine them and tell them if they were real or fake. They were all pronounced real. He sold some and that is what he was arrested for and I think spent a lot of money staying out of jail. This house was a kind of showcase of his works and on the back of each was a statement saying they were not the real painting.

    1. That is so interesting! Sounds like the guy had a lot of talent but wasn't too honest!
      We sure enjoyed that part of Florida. While driving out on Palm Beach, my Tom exclaimed "You can smell the money!"

  3. wow. what an interesting place you rented! i'd be so afraid some of that would be damaged or stolen.

  4. Warm Greetings from the cold Warsaw. Have a look at the new photo album.

  5. That was an interesting house to rent, more a museum. The "water" artwork made me laugh, you and your vacuum system! I could have made the same mistake. The photo is John, isn't it?
    I like the autograph the most.

  6. An interesting and unusual collection of personal momentos. I suppose the young man is John-John Kennedy.