Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Opera House

Fort Worth has a beautiful Opera House completed in 1998, and built with entirely with private funds; made possible by Nancy Lee and Perry Bass. Seating 2,056 people it is located downtown. We will be going for the first I will get to take pictures on the inside. Maybe you have been to a performance here?

Forty Eight foot limestone angels seem to be welcoming you to the opera house.

This evening shot was taken, from an adjacent parking garage, by my sister Polly.
I am excited to photograph the interior.


  1. i have not, but i bet it will be great! i love their facade in front.

  2. That looks great, would love to see the inside.
    Saw some very bad weather in Texas in the news. Were you hit by it too?

    1. Marianne,

      I guess you are talking about the ice and snow in south Texas. We have beautiful sunny skies here in the north...but bitterly cold for us. It was 16 degrees this morning. It will warm up again before the weekend.

  3. I would never have guessed the building is that young. Top they made such a concept, it is exceptional in the last decades.