Monday, April 21, 2014

A Liveable City

I had mentioned in a previous blog about Ft Worth's trail system. Flanking the banks of the Trinity River, as it snakes through town, are over 40 miles of paved walking, jogging and biking trails. What I didn't realize was just how close one of these trail entrance's is to where our new home is being built.

On Friday we discovered an entrance within walking distance of where we will soon live.
It is a lush green area with trails along a tributary leading to the river
There are wooded areas on both side great for bird watching.
Lots of joggers running by....many accompanied by dogs.
Other than birds, and jogging dogs...we didn't discover a whole lot...except for a big green caterpillar crossing the trail. We sure enjoyed our walk though!


  1. I love walks and what we find along the way. Cute caterpillar! lol

  2. How fab to have all this walking space to explore when you finally move in Janey, and even better that the trails will be so different in each season.. something to look forward to oui!

  3. Walking exercise will probably become part of your daily routine now.