Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

 I spotted this carrot on the door of one of my favorite little shops the other day. It also reminds me that morning that I need to get busy. My family is getting together at my oldest sister's at noon,and I am bringing a carrot dish to add to the festivities. Apricot-glazed carrots to be exact. If anyone is interested in the menu. There will be a honey baked ham, fruit salad, deviled eggs, a potato dish. a green veggie, and my carrots. We will of course have dessert. Coconut cake and a chocolate bundt cake.

I hope that you are spending the day with loved ones..Tell me about your celebration..
.Happy Easter .


  1. Sounds a wonderful family meal. Happy Easter

  2. A happy Easter to you Janey. W,e have a cheese fondue with icecake as desert

  3. I am exhausted after a combined Easter/birthday dinner and celebration. Menu? Greek Chicken broth/rice, egg/lemon soup, coconut rice, rolled leg of lamb garnished with garlic and rosemary, asparagus, baguettes, and; fruit compote for dessert. White/lemon drop cupcakes and chocolate bunnies for birthday celebration. The wine is putting me to sleep now!

  4. Sounds like a delicious menu Janey, the company sounds pretty special too. Hope you enjoyed a fab long weekend.