Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Garden

We are still renting the top half of an old house, waiting for our new home to be completed. We have a deck on the back side of the house, and a small garden down below.
I don't know much about plants....So I can't even tell you what this is. I know in the Fall, it appeared dead, so Tom and I chopped it back, all the way to the ground. What a surprise that it has come back and has flowers all over it. Actually, there are several in the garden.
I think these are called Knockout Roses, and they are happy, even with little or no care.
Hanging from our deck is a Honeysuckle Vine. This plant  has a very sweet smell...and reminds me of my childhood. Do you have a garden or yard?


  1. i need knockouts - no care so i don't kill 'em. :)

  2. Hmmm! I pulled in the top shot to see if I could help identify it for you Janey, but no go! Yes I do have a garden, back and front, it keeps me more busy than I'd like :) but I can't imagine not having it.

  3. I love the Internet. After some searching. I have discovered that the bush in the top photo is a Peony. The large pink flowers have opened to reveal a yellow center.

  4. That honeysuckle is beautiful.

  5. We have a small yard, both front and back, and have planted shrubs and flowering annuals. I always plant herbs in clay pots in the summer and buy red geranimums for more clay pots. That is the extent of it. Love gardens yet prefer spending my time reading. Can't do both!!