Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Evening at the Theater

We went the the theater this week to see the award winning presentation of STOMP ;first appearing in Brighton UK back in 1991. STOMP is a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy.
Tom (my husband) is still raving about it. I don't think I have seen him enjoy any musical more. . Shirts and memorabilia were for sale in the lobby by this guy.... who too was also making a lot of noise!
The scenery, which never changed, taken from our seats, which were really great . We were guests of one of my sisters. Thanks Nancy!

I took another picture in the lobby( on the sly) of a Mother and teenage daughter, who were dressed rather outrageous. Everyone couldn't help but stare. I was going to put it on my blog, but didn't for several reasons.

1. I did not have their permission
2. I would be doing so to make fun of them....and my  Mother's (who is no longer with us) words kept echoing in my ear." If you cant say something nice, say nothing at all."


  1. i saw stomp perform years back at smu. WONDERFUL show!

  2. Its a long time since I had been to a theater.
    Agree on that ." If you cant say something nice, say nothing at all."

  3. I know that group, several years ago they were in our country too. I only saw them on television. They are great!

  4. Well done for resisting the temptation. I don't have the nerve to take photos of people or ask them fora photo.

  5. People usually LOVE having their photos taken but "stealth" shots are different when no permission has been granted to the photographer. Your evening must have been very enjoyable!!