Sunday, April 13, 2014

Art Festival

We are new in town, so this was our first visit to the annual art festival held in downtown (Ft. Worth, Texas). They close the main street  to traffic, and booths are set up from the courthouse, nine blocks, to the convention center. Three stages are set up along they way, and over 150 different local and regional musical artists also perform over this four day event.
I didn't realize that over a thousand different artists, from across the U.S., register, but only 200 are chosen to take part in the show.

We sure enjoyed going around lunchtime on Friday...and the weather was perfect. Made me wish that this street was always free of cars. Do you have a street in your town that has been deemed pedestrian only?


  1. What fun, and because it is a juried festival, the selections must have been wonderful to browse. We have no permanent street closures except for a few short blocks downtown that have been turned into mini- malls. Of course, there are temporary closures for marathons and parades, like "Grand Old Days" an annual event on Grand Avenue, The Twin City Marathon, or the Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Hispanic part of town. All noisy but fun events.

  2. i heard about the art festival on the news. neat. :)

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. Today in London many of the main roads were closed to traffic as it was the London Marathon.

  4. That looks nice to wander around there. So nice to explore a new hometown with your sisters. I think you made the right decision to move to Forth Worth.