Monday, May 2, 2016

A French Chateau

In southern Burgundy (France), near the town of Cluny, is a restored 17th century Chateau.
The walkway up to Chateau De Cormatin is quite beautiful, even in the not so nice weather.

The draw bridge is no longer there, but the moat is.

I have toured many Chateaus and castles, and this one gets a very high rating for it's furnishings.
There were tapestries, pottery and huge paintings everywhere you turned.
The ever so important staircase was designed by the same man that did the staircase in the Luxembourg Palace in Paris,
and the gilded ceilings were real
I have to admit here and there the furnishings were rather exotic!
These places can be quite chilly, even on a warm day. So, the owner built us a fire in the kitchen ....Where we were invited to sit for a moment.
Speaking of the owner, the very aristocratic  Marquis even appeared to welcome us....well sort of.
I highly recommend a visit to this place.


  1. A great place worth visiting. I would love to explore the whole place too!

  2. Oh Janey this looks wonderful, so nice rich decorated with the tapesteries. Yes the weather is terrible in Europe at the moment. Here the same, hailstorms and freezing nights. Today I see some sunshine, maybe it will improve a bit....

  3. The ceilings are so luxurious.

  4. I don't know what has happened to the weather in Europe - a freezing front from the Arctic that has lingered long, but I predict that it has gone on its way now.
    What could be better than a visit to a Château especially one surrounded by a moat in the beautiful countryside.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    You really managed to step back in time; literally. That must have been a fabulous tour and I do hope the weather will show its warmer and sunny side soon!

  6. I like the tapestry and the exotic Leopard chair.

  7. What a wonderful place to visit.

  8. Imagine the making of those marvelous tapestries! And that ceiling is gorgeous. Must have been a thrill to see it all in person.